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UPS Virtual was first launched on February 8th, 2018 and was recently relaunched and completely overhauled in February of 2021 with a brand new certification by the IFVARB. With a new real world route system, a brand new and easy to use crew center that continues to get updated with new features, and a new communication hub for pilots, the current owners and staff are excited about the future that awaits. Since we first launched, we have become one of the most respected and prestigious virtual airlines available on the Infinite Flight Community.


At UPS Virtual we put the quality of our members’ experience first and offer a professional environment in which pilots can learn, improve on, and master their flying skills. We emphasize great comradery between our professional and experienced pilots and aim for everyone that joins our virtual airline to feel as they are part of our special family. We pride ourselves on our high levels of realism, professionalism, and our overall reputation. At UPS Virtual we understand the importance of making flying fun, easy, and rewarding for our pilots. From the onset, there are no routes to unlock and all of our cargo aircraft are available to you as soon as you qualify to fly under the UPSV callsign. You choose your own adventure and journey with absolute freedom within our simple operating procedures. Our goal is to motivate you to fly while becoming a part of our UPS Virtual family. As you have seen since March 2020, cargo runs the world and who says we can’t have fun moving it?


Many of our pilots have established careers in the real-world field of aviation, and staff members and pilots alike are continually active on the Infinite Flight Live servers, our Discord server, and are always willing to help their fellow pilots and community members. From playful chit chat in our off topic channel to asking for help in our dedicated support channel, once you join, you will quickly realize we’re all members of a great big UPS family.


UPS Virtual was built on the idea that pilots in Infinite Flight should be allowed to fly wherever and whenever they please. Pilots that join our VA have no restrictions on aircraft or routes, and have the freedom to choose their own adventure.


Pilots who join UPS Virtual can choose to fly any route from our real world schedule within our crew center or make their own route. Through our Free to Fly Program (FFP), members first choose one of our 17 hubs, and then choose one of the hundreds of destinations UPS serves.


UPS Virtual uses Discord as our main source of communication within the virtual airline and with all pilots. Discord is an online team collaboration software that allows businesses, teams, or groups to work more efficiently than using traditional methods. UPS Virtual uses Discord for communication, collaboration, and event planning.

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UPS Virtual bases the majority of its fleet off of the real world airline, giving its pilots a variety of aircraft to elect to fly, ranging from the small, capable Cessna 208 Caravan, to the massive, iconic Boeing 747-8. All cargo aircraft are open to pilots of all ranks.



UPS Virtual is dedicated to providing an unmatchable level of realism

within normal Infinite Flight Live proceedings, as well as offering a fun,

competitive environment for the users of Infinite Flight to communicate,

learn, and grow in every aspect of the community


After joining UPS Virtual, you will see how close knit a family this virtual airline is. With constant communication on our Discord server, we also invoke a sense of learning and are always encouraging our pilots to learn from one another. A large group of pilots also participate in group flight's almost nightly.

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